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Social Responsibility

Making a difference where it counts, no matter how small or large our company is.

At Effective Laboratory Supplies, we believe in close co-operation and a hands on approach. That’s because we strive for long-lasting and positive social change. This we do by making a tangible difference in the lives of South Africans through staff involvement and financial investment.

Our main focus areas are:

  • The Elderly, who in most cases are forgotten and vulnerable citizens, who need a place of refuge and a plate of food to see them through each day. These are citizens who have in the past contributed to our society and need the support and dignity that is due to them and the future of living out their golden years in a peaceful and loving way. The elderly at Ruven, Annie Berger and Moffat View old age homes in the South of Johannesburg have received our support.
  • In addition, we support the Youth who are the future of our country; a good education is their foundation to enable the next generation to make a meaningful contribution to our Nations growth and prosperity. In this regard, Effective Laboratory Supplies sponsors the schooling of three underprivileged children from nursery school to Grade 12.
  • Effective Labs has also found a great Social partner in the form of Round Table. Over the past 5 years ELS has supported Round Table Rivonia 230, with their efforts to raise money for the less fortunate. Their 440-in-4 cycle tour and the outreach continues to grow from strength to strength and we look forward to assisting them further.