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Mduduzi scores full marks

One of the children that ELS is assisting to educate performs beyond expectation.
Mduduzi scores full marks

Blessing receives his certificate of achievement


Effective Laboratory Supplies is incredibly proud of Mduduzi’s 2012 school performance, obtaining excellent grades, receiving a certificate of achievement and a promotion to grade three. His story is one of Triumph over adversity.

Mduduzi affectionately known as Blessing was taken in by Patricia Zikode, ELS’s Internal Sales Consultant when due to unfortunate circumstance his family could no longer care for him. On hearing of Patricia’s incredible generosity, Effective Labs decided to assist with Blessing’s Education.

Initially Blessing struggled academically, but the fruits of a stable loving family, good nutrition and an excellent education are now clear to see. From all at ELS we salute Blessing’s achievements together with Patricia’s selflessness.  

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