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Glass Microfiber Filters

Effective Labs offers a full range of glass microfiber filters manufactured from 100% pure borosilicate glass.

Because of their intrinsic properties, glass microfiber filters have wide applications in many areas of laboratory analysis, especially when fine filtration and high loading capacity is required. Applications for Effective Labs glass microfiber filters include environmental analysis for water, wastewater, testing of soils, air pollution and monitoring, research and process biochemistry, and gravimetric analysis involving ignition of samples. Effective Labs glass microfiber filters are also found in the filtration of hot gases and liquids, and in pre-filtration.


  • Qualitative analysis
  • Laboratory analysis
  • 100% pure borosilicate glass
  • Rapid flow rate
  • Fine particle retention
Glass Microfiber Filters
Grades Retention in um Filtartion speed Herzberg sec/100mls Filtartion speed Raidity mls/min Loading capacity Whatman cross reference
151 0.7 274 25 Very high GF/F
121 1 143 48 Very high GF/B
131 1 88 78 Very high GF/C
161 1.1 67 102 Very high 934-AH
111 1.2 53 130 Very high GF/A
141 3.1 19 350 Very high GF/D