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Jones Riffle Splitter

The Jones Riffle Splitter is also known as a riffler or riffle splitter. It is designed to reduce bulk samples with a relatively large particle size before further preparation or analysis.

Easy to use the sample is poured into the hopper and material flows through a series of equally divided compartments or chutes, sending 50% of the sample to the left side pan and 50% of the sample to the right side pan. It is very easy to clean, with all parts open and easily accessible.

For accurate splitting, slot widths should be three times larger than your largest particle size. Additional rifflers can be stacked giving 1/4 or 1/8 splits.

  • Mild Steel standard
  • Optional - Stainless steel
  • Wide range of slot sizes
  • 3 bins per riffler
  • Stands available for tieried
  • 20 slots standard
  • Optional - different number of slots
Jones Riffle Splitter
Code Slot size No of slots
RIF006.7/20M 6.7mm 20
RIF012.5/20M 12.5mm 20
RIF019/20M 19mm 20
RIF025/20M 25mm 20
RIF032/20M 32mm 20
RIF037.5/20M 37.5mm 20
RIF063/20M 63mm 20
RIF075/20M 78mm 20
RIF090/20M 90mm 12
RIF100/14M 100mm 14
RIF120/12M 120mm 12
RIF150/08M 150mm 8