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Sampling, Sample Preparation and Analysis QA and QC

In mining every operation on a mine site is dictated by the results of its sampling processes, so getting it right is
critical. Quite often, surprisingly the sampling process is not controlled to the same extent as the analysis
The benifits of attending this course are:
  • Understand the fundamentals of sampling and the key areas of sampling practice.
  • Understand the concepts of precision and accuracy
  • Understand the role of sampling in the analytical measurement process
  • Appreciate the various errors that contribute to the overall sampling error and understand strategies to minimize
  • them.
  • Understand how to develop sampling protocols and optimize sampling schemes.
  • Understanding the effects of sampling practice in metal reconciliation and metallurgical balance calculations
  • Understanding that good sampling is the key to improved ore body recovery, accurate grade control and
  • estimation, enhanced resource processing, reduced resource wastage and improved mine/plant reconciliation
  • Understanding the process of maintaining the integrity of a sample through proper sample handling procedures
  • Understanding the factors influencing the selection of sample preparation equipment.
  • Understand International Reporting codes


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