At Effective Laboratory Supplies (ELS), we understand the importance of keeping our customers informed about the status of their orders. That’s why we’ve implemented the use of Order Reports as a communication tool to update you on the progress of your orders.

The Order Report has two main purposes:

  1. To communicate the lead time of each item on order
  2. To provide accompanying comments that give clarity on the status of the item on the report

Our Order Reports are particularly useful for large orders and when longer lead times are involved. The associated comments will give you updates on the progress of each item, especially during the manufacturing or import phase. If there are delays due to factors such as loadshedding or customs issues, you are immediately updated. If production is shortened and an order will be ready earlier than expected, this is also communicated.

Our Order Reports have proven to be one of our customers most valuable operational tools, with constant updates on the status of your orders, you can plan accordingly.

To ensure that the right people on your team are kept in the loop, please remember to request their inclusive for order reports on order placement.